DIY Pedi Peel Single treatment sachets

DIY Pedi Peel Single treatment sachets

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Contains: 2 x individually sealed, moistened treatment towelettes. 

A 15 minute, professional strength pedi peel to reveal baby smooth skin. 

Instructions for use: 

Apply one moistened towelette to the base of each foot, folding down edges to avoid soft skin - it is reccomended you use gloves to avoid the solution coming into contact with your hands. Wrap foot in gladwrap for 15 minutes - do not walk around while treatment processes. Using a pedi rasp, scrape the excess skin using the sharp edge, followed by using the rasp to buff off any remaining hardened skin. Use a warm towel to remove excess solution, follow with Yumi Aftercare foot cream for maintenance of softness. 

Warning: this is a professional strength active product that should not come into contact with cracked, sensitive skin or be left on longer than intended. Contact of the solution with some fabrics may result in bleaching or colour loss therefore we recommend the use of white towels or old towels when removing. Gloves should be used to avoid sensitivity on hands.