Lip Treatment

This is not your average lip tattoo.

We focus on creating nude & naturally flushed looking lips rather than artificial colours. We use more & less colour in certain areas to ensure the shape of your lip is enhanced. A little tweak in shape here and there can be a game changer. We use only the best quality fine needles designed for lips to layer pixels shading your chosen colour over 2 sessions. The final healed colour saturation is similar to that of a tinted lip balm and will last around 18months without refresh. Due to the nature of long term healing we do not offer full coverage lipstick services.

We offer 3 different styles of lips depending on the desired outcome of the individual.

Nano Aquarelle - Translucent pigment is placed in perfectly laid pixels evenly across the lip with a "borderless" technique (no edge). This technique is the most natural look and is well suited to clients whom want colour but don't require any shape enhancement. Aquarelle lips require less future touchups due to being borderless & having no white in the base colour - these will heal out completely over time.

Nano Lip Blush (most popular) - Partially opaque pigments are used to recreate and enhance natural lip shape. Nano lip blush, whilst still extremely natural is well suited to clients who want lip definition as well as added colour. This is our most popular lip treatment on offer requiring touch ups 2+ yearly depending on the quality of skin of the natural lip. Due to the composition of the pigments used for this treatment, this is the most popular option due to the ability to create the widest and most wearable range of colours and nudes.

Nano Lip Illumination - This style is a multi layer approach that includes shape enhancement but mainly focuses on lightening pigmented or dark lips. Lip illumination will require touching up 2 yearly to maintain best results & maintain natural and even colour. Due to the complexity, skill & variance in approach this treatment can be more involved requiring more sessions for the very best result. We recommend sending a booking form for a more accurate price on completing this service.

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