Permanent makeup to us, shouldn’t look applied.

It should be balanced with the features of our clients faces & blend seamlessly with that given feature. It should fade graciously and look just as good on a bare face as it would on a made up face.

Our result is only as good as the suitability of the skin we are working with.

Our skills and toolkit fortunately allow us to complete high quality treatments on a wide range of skin types but it may mean a variation of, or an additional treatment to what is advertised as the standard process. Prior to coming in to see us, we request all clients fill out a health questionnaire which allows us an opportunity to understand the skin and advise the best course of treatment accordingly. The factors we assess during the online consultation process are predominantly; oil content of the skin, the natural hair a client has, the desired end result and if that result is conducent with the natural hair, the lifestyle of the client and finally the health and medications of the client.While nearly all clients are “treatable” when it comes to cosmetic tattoo, we are proud to be a best practise salon. Best practise meaning will only undertake a cosmetic treatment if we can achieve, or close to achieve a result that we believe will last well, blend well and fade well. In addition we will not push the limits of what we are willing to attempt if we think that there is a substantial risk of an adverse effect in any of those areas, and in turn in many cases we are not able to correct other salons work without laser removal prior to reapplication. We offer a mixed discipline approach to our services using manual blade & machine techniques chosen based on the skin we are working with.

During the online consultation phase our receptionist will make a recommended treatment course & advise a recommended therapist based on the look you are trying to achieve. Each one of our Artists has a different style & qualifications that are more or less suited to the range of outcomes achievable. Once we outline your treatment plan, associated costs and any possible risks or side effects we can book you in. All clients prior to any treatment will complete an additional consultation which includes detailed face mapping & brow design & a comprehensive form that lists any expected side effects to the given treatment. You will leave geared with the knowledge of how to best care for your new brows, lash line or lips and will return to us for your second session 4-6 weeks later. All treatments are completed conservatively in the first instance, to allow us to deem your skin predictable and be sure the colours & design chosen are absolutely perfect before we set the final look. Follow up treatments, especially in the case of corrective work are incredibly important to ensure the colour is implanted in a layered fashion for the softest and best blend with your natural features. Moving forward maintenance is completed on a 12-18 month bases in most cases and is a single session to top up colour and retexturize the look.

The devil's in the detail.

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