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It’s a tough decision when they all look so good! If you check out our Instagram, find a few you like and send them to us via DM we can let you know which set is best suited to the look you are after.

Lash Extensions don’t like oily products. Cleansing your lashes with a specially formulated Lash Extensions cleanser will give them the best chance at longevity. Humid or steamy environments tend to break down the glue quicker than normal so we advise against them if you come into contact with that daily. For 24 hours following your set of extensions they need to be kept dry. They also need to be brushed daily with a clean mascara wand. It is not recommended that you wear mascara with your extensions, if you need more volume we recommend a more voluminous set of extensions.

Depending on the duration of your trip and the climate you are visiting extensions may not be your best option. Consult with one of our therapists on Instagram or via our Talk to us page to see if they are suited to your needs.

For a wedding set, we always recommend you first complete your makeup trial, then once your look is confirmed come to us for a trial set of extensions at least 2 weeks before your big day.

Recently there has been a lot in the press about Iron Oxides and MRI scans, 2 of our 30+ colour choices do contain iron oxide in such a low amount that it would be safe to have an MRI within 2 weeks of having the treatment done. IF you would like to ensure you have an oxide free ink, we have another range of colours to choose from should we need to select a shade similar to the 2 pigments mentioned above please just let us know and we are happy to accomodate your request.

Lash Extensions on average last 3-4 weeks before they really require maintenance. Some clients with great care for their extensions and the use of lash serums will get a little longer out of them but 2-3 weekly maintenance is the optimum time to have a short maintenance session to extend their life a further 2-3 weeks. Once applied, without maintenance you would likely see the last of your extensions falling out at the 5-6 week mark.

We will remove any extensions completed by us free of charge. We do not remove other salons work unless we are reapplying a full set, the price of removal for another salons work heavily depends on the time spent removing them. To ensure we allow enough time please email us a picture of the lashes you want removed so we can allocate ample time.

Not when applied properly. Excess glue, excessive length or thickness per lash can contribute to your lashes being damaged, we eliminate all of these factors and if you are wanting extensions long term we suggest the use of a lash serum to support your own lashes. Furthermore regular maintenance is necessary to maintain good health to your own lashes.

In most instances where a client has visited a premium salon yes, we do ask to have a quick look at the extensions via email to ensure we are able to what needs to be done during a maintenance appointment of another salons work.

Unfortunately a reaction to Lash Extensions tends to be a recurring issue and its an allergy that is activated by all Lash Extension adhesives, at best we could patch test for you by applying just 2-3 extensions and waiting a few days to see if you react. You can however safely and effectively have a Yumi Lash Lift.

It is a treatment in which we contour your natural lashes onto a silicone pad in an upward direction. Using a keratin and protein infusion we set the lashes into this lifted position.

8-12 weeks depending on the natural growth cycle of your lashes. How often can I have my lash lift done? For best results we recommend 8 weekly, in a few rare instances we can lift them as soon as 6 weeks.

Our Yumi Lash lift is not damaging to your natural lashes, its focus is on infusing nourishing ingredients into the lashes, if you have lashes that are prone to dryness from cosmetics such as mascara we recommend using a take home Keratin treatment under your mascara daily . You are likely to see the condition of your lashes improve beyond what they are prior to the lift & take home treatment.

Yumi is a gentle process & requires a lot of skill and training to perfect. We guarantee a great result, and what you see is what you get. Please notify your therapist of what happened to you in the past, they will be able to explain how it happened and talk you through what it is we can do to avoid an adverse result a second time round.``

Yumi provides the most consistent and glossy result that we have found from similar products internationally. The formulation is heavily focussed on the nourishment of your natural lashes. We believe based on our experience working with multiple brands in the past that the Yumi formulation is far superior to the great majority of Lash Lifting brands available in New Zealand.

We have not had 1 single reaction to a Yumi Lash lift to date. With all beauty treatments there is a small chance of a client reacting to any given product. The Yumi formulation is full of clean ingredients and is comfortable to have done. Even if you have reacted to lash extensions in the past Yumi is safe to have done.

Yes you can, but the cost remains the same. Unfortunately due to the processing time the absence of a tint doesn’t reduce the timing enough for us to be able to discount the treatment. We can however vouch for the fact that every client can benefit from a Yumi ultra dark tint at the time of their lift service.

In some cases yes, in some cases no. If your lashes have been overprocessed (frizzy looking) we can only send you home with conditioning products and have you wait it out for 8 weeks. If in the case they are under or over curled we often can redo the lift for you safely, this always comes with a risk of overprocessing and is something that is undertaken at the risk of the client. Please send us a picture via email if you are wanting to have a lift from another salon corrected by us and we can provide our reccomendation.

YES YES YES! The best results for a Yumi Lash Lift are in combination with a serum. Not all serums are equal, we first and foremost recommend Yumi Lashes Serum as it is designed to work in perfect synergy with your lash lift, but we also highly recommend and stock the Revitalash range which also works wonderfully in combination with a Yumi Lash lift. Some serums that provide excessive and uneven length can hinder the Yumi Lash Lift result and we recommend they are avoided.

Face mapping is our way of balancing the presence of your brow with the rest of the features on your face. Once we can determine the ideal size, shape and positioning we will ask for your feedback before we cement the shape with hair removal. As a general policy, unless requested we do not over sculpt brows or reposition them against where they fall naturally.

We offer a sensitive option which is slightly longer in duration to allow us to tweeze. Due to the nature of tweezing, this service isn’t as “clean” as a wax and a few of the finer hairs may remain. Many clients whom wear alot of makeup or have peach fuzz on their face may prefer this method especially on the tops of their brows.

We don’t offer threading or Henna. Both of these services achieve a result that isn’t in line with what we believe to be “your best brow” we believe if you are after a skin stain or super sculpted look that you can achieve this best with product. The beauty of product application in place of a skin stain means when you’re bare faced your brows remain balanced with the rest of your features and on the flip side can be dressed up to match your makeup on any given day. There are also many permanent makeup options that serve you better than a skin stain treatment and allow you to utilise the texture of your natural brow. Threading in our experience should be avoided due to the brow in most instances needing very frequent maintenance and becoming smaller in size over time.

Absolutely, sometimes the smallest tweaks can make all the difference. Its also a great time for us to do a good brow map, and let you know where you need to focus on letting the hair come through or for the best results enhancing the growth with a serum. The key to a good brow rehab is always rebooking with the same therapist as although trained the same, each therapists vision for your brow can vary slightly.

4-6 weekly is our most popular timing for clients who like a well kept brow. You can tint sooner between shapes if you like to keep the brow hair darker than it is naturally.

Serum, Brow Gel & professional shapes with the same therapist every 8 weeks. We love serums for the added bush, gels to perfect the natural brows proportion and texture, but even the wildest of brows need a little tweak from time to time so make sure you come to see us regularly to keep them in check.

A precision tint is where we apply tint in the exact shape that we want to create with your brow. We do not rely on waxing to clean up the tints edge, therefore it is essential that our tint is perfectly placed.

Absolutely, just let your therapist know. But do take us up on a lick of brow gel, it’ll hold your brows in place all day and perfect your shape and texture. In our opinion Brow Gel is the perfect product to add to your daily routine.

Send us a picture and we can advise the outcome. In some instances lamination isn’t well suited and we love the opportunity to let you know in advance of booking.

No! Once dry the brows do not sit slick and wet to the skin, there are products like brow soap that can help you achieve that look daily.

We dont offer in person consultations unfortunately, our recommendation is for you to look at our instagram as a first port of call and send us some of the pictures of treatments you like, followed by a picture of your eyes and brows in clear lighting with no product. From there we can recommend exactly what to book based on the looks you like.

Unfortunately we can’t take bookings without security deposits, this reduces our no shows drastically. We do however fully refund your deposit if desired outside of the cancellation period. What is your cancellation policy, I work on call? We request 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment. For clients who are on call we recommend either booking on a definite day off, or using our cancellation page on facebook to get appointments last minute.

Email us! Unfortunately our booking software isnt evolved enough to accommodate customers wanting to book alongside friends - but our receptionist is happy to help make that happen for you.

Its possible that the combination of treatments you are after cannot be performed by a single therapist or the therapist you have selected. Send us an email or give us a call and we can make it work for you.

You should be able to find her name in your reminder email, if not please give us a call or send us an email. We love seeing the same clients again and again so we are happy to let you know who you saw last time so you can select them when you are booking online.