Lets Talk Lash Extensions. Our love from day one, and how we found ourselves here. An addiction, an accessory. If you want the ultimate Lash Enhancement you cannot go past a good set of Lash Extensions.

A good set of Lash Extensions in our world is free from excess glue, is lightweight, comfortable & has the health of your natural lashes in mind. Each set is designed and customised to your own lashes, your desired look & lifestyle. By careful positioning of different lengths & thicknesses we are able to create what we call feature looks as well as undetectable enhancements.


Soho Silk Lash Extensions

Also known as Classic Lashes. Applied on a 1 extension to 1 natural lash ratio resulting in separated voluminous lashes. We offer 3 different volume options, Natural, Full & Glam each session being slightly longer in duration to allow for higher numbers to be applied.

Russian Volume Mixed Lash Extensions

Also known as Hybrid Lashes or Russian Volume. We handcraft ultra fine lash fans, resulting in a dark fluffy look. Typically Russian volume extensions tend to be ultra dramatic, however we have mixed techniques adding a few fine classic lashes into the mix to take the edge off. These sets are suited well to special occasions and wearers whom prefer a thicker looking lash line. We offer 3 different treatment volumed Natural, Lush & Glam. Due to the handcrafted nature of this technique treatment times are longer in duration. If you are looking for a set that is well suited to a special occasion, we recommend Russian Volume Mixed Lash Extensions over Soho Silk.

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All lash extensions require maintenance to keep your natural lashes in good health & to maintain their fullness. Your natural lashes undergo a 8-12 weekly growth cycle where they shed and replenish all at different times. At the time of maintenance we remove any twisted or grown out extensions, and replace them with new extensions to lengthen the life of your set. We offer a special price for 2 weekly infills however this needs to be discussed with your therapist for suitability and booked in salon. We do offer where possible maintenance of other salons work, however we only offer removal of other salons extensions if we are reapplying a full set.