Feather Touch

We know our way round a brow.

Our specialty, Feather Touch brows are an incredibly difficult to master Semi Permanent Tattooing technique. A manual tool is used to scratch methodically laid out and curved strokes mimicking natural hair growth. It’s textured, natural & can breathe life back into abused brows or simply perfect any brow. Less is more, Feather Touch must be layered in a series of sessions and once complete requires a 12-18 monthly top up to keep the tattoo looking textured and fresh. If your dream of brows that are bigger and better than the brows you were born with, you may need what we call a Brow Reconstruction. A Brow Reconstruction is suitable for someone who needs to go outside of their current hairline to achieve a beautifully shaped brow, this is completed by an Advanced Artist or a Master Artist. We ask all clients to fill out our online consultation form in order to allow us to assess your suitability prior to treatment with us. We are proud to be a best practise salon, and will not undertake a tattoo in the instance we feel the client may not get a desirable outcome.

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We pride ourselves in having a mixed discipline approach.

We bring truth to the saying “different strokes for different folks” and have an arsenal of techniques up our sleeve, for clients whom might not be perfectly suited to Feather Touch we offer Combination Brows.

Combination Brows

Each of our therapists have a slightly varied style.

To get a feel for whats on offer check out out our Instagram. We update these images several times a week and all imagery is of our own hand. If you want to delve into the nitty gritty you can find out all there is to know about feather touch on our FAQ page.