We know our way round a brow

And we aren’t afraid to say it. Over the 10 years we have been in action brows has evolved from a secondary treatment to the most popular request we get. We approach Brows with the utmost precision, mapping out the features of your face for approval before we take to them with a spatula or tweezers. Operating firmly on a less is more basis we gently remove unwanted hair followed by a precision tint if desired & a tutorial of product application to help you achieve a salon perfect look at home daily. Our product choices are chosen to offer you a balanced brow that fits in with the level of makeup you may or may not be wearing. We do not offer Henna or threading services in salon as the result is not in line with our Your best brow philosophy.

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Brow Reconditioning

In the case of a client who may be lacking a bit of Brow, we would suggest considering the use of a Brow Serum in advance of your appointment to get the ball rolling on your best brows. These serums are highly effective when used in combination of a series of professional brow shapes with us but the key to success is no trimming and tweezing between appointments.

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