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The Lash Game

Life may come up short sometimes; your lashes don’t have to.

Lash enhancements are applied individually for a seamless natural look and are fully customised for every babe we see.

We use synthetic mink & Soho silk extensions resulting in flexible & durable long lasting lash treatments. We have a full range of options in curl, length, and thickness to compliment your eye shape & desired look. We encourage lighter lash sets to protect your lashes well-being. Russian volume techniques give weightless oomph for maximum intensity.

For the lash lover looking for something a little more casual, our famous Yumi Lash Lift is just the thing. This eye-opening treatment utilises your ownlashes creating a lift, lasting up to 8 weeks no maintenance. Add a tint & you're set.

From natural lift to glam curl pre-event, regular upkeep and everyday wear, we tailor to your needs.

Booking Online will give you the latest available spots and allow you to choose your preferred lash expert.


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